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Fall Tryout Dates

Fall 2016 Tryout Schedule

Any student who wishes to try out for a fall sport must complete their athletic registration at www.registermyathlete.com and submit an approved physical.

Pick up an athletic participation packet in the main office or download it at www.lelandathletics.com.

Football (Pat Tillman Stadium)

Head Coach: Mike Ward (mward@sjusd.org)

**Note: Any football player must contact Coach Ward prior to the first day of tryouts to check out gear. No gear will be issued without a physical.

August 5         4-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 6         8-11am & 5-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 8         4-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 9         8-11am & 7-9pm (JV &VAR)

August 10      4-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 11      8-11am & 7-9pm (JV &VAR)

August 12      4-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 13      8-11am & 5-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 15      4-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 16      4-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 17      3:30pm-6:30pm (JV &VAR)

Field Hockey (Pat Tillman Stadium)

Head Coaches: Larry Blair and Debbie Calcany (blair_larry1521@sbcglobal.net)

August 8         7-9pm (JV &VAR)

August 9         5-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 10      7-9pm (JV &VAR)

August 11      5-7pm (JV &VAR)

August 12      7-9pm (JV &VAR)

August 15      7-9pm (JV &VAR)

August 16      7-9pm (JV &VAR)

Girls Water Polo (Swimming Pool)

Head Coach: Eric Rise (erise@sjusd.org)

August 5         7-10am (JV &VAR)

August 6         7-10am (JV &VAR)

August 8         7-10am (JV &VAR)

August 9         7-10am (JV &VAR)

August 10      7-10am (JV &VAR)

August 11      TBA

August 12      TBA

August 15      TBA

August 16      TBA

Boys Water Polo (Swimming Pool)

Head Coach: Cyrus Kahangi (cyrus@kahangi.com)

August 5         11-2pm

August 6         11-2pm

August 8         11-2pm

August 9         11-2pm (Varsity) 2-4pm (JV)

August 10      11-2pm (Varsity) 2-4pm (JV)

August 11      11-2pm (Varsity) 2-4pm (JV)

August 12      11-2pm (Varsity) 2-4pm (JV)

August 15      11-2pm (Varsity) 2-4pm (JV)

August 16      11-2pm (Varsity) 2-4pm (JV)

Cross Country (Pat Tillman Stadium)

Head Coaches: Rudy Montenegro (rmontenegro@gcaservices.com) &

Jerry Rose (jerryrose100@gmail.com)

Meet at the track on August 17 at 3:15pm.

Girls Tennis (Tennis Courts)

Head Coach: Pam Headley (pheadley@sjusd.org)

August 15      3:00pm

August 16      3:00pm

August 17-24    3:15pm

Girls Volleyball (Main Gym)

Head Coach: Jess Torres (jesstorr28@gmail.com)

August 5         8:15-10am (Varsity)

August 8         9-11am (Varsity)

August 9         9-11am (Varsity)

August 10      9-11am (Varsity)

August 11      3:30-5:30pm (Varsity)

August 15      3:30-5:30 (Varsity)

August 8             10-12pm (JV)

August 9         3:30-5:30pm (JV)

August 10      10-12 (JV)

August 11      4:15-6:15 (JV)

August 12      4:15-6:15 (JV)

Girls Golf

Head Coach: Mike Sparrer (msparrer@sjusd.org)

Meet in room E2 at 3:15pm on August 18